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How to Sex a Bunny

Many people ask me to help determine the sex of their baby bunnies, it is easy to do.  Sometimes though, what will look like one sex at a young age, may yet end up being the other sex.

Older bunnies are easy to determine the sex on.

On the males, you will be able to see their testicles, which is a sure indicator you have a boy bunny, they usually have bigger heads too. 

Their testicles usually will show u pat around 10 weeks.

The females will show no testicles, and many larger breeds will have a flap of skin under their chin, this is called a dewlap.

Baby bunnies sex can usually be determined fairly surly at around 3 weeks.

Turn the bunny over on his back, and hold him with one hand. 

With your other hand hold onto the tail with your index finger, and push down on the skin surrounding the vent area above the anus with your thumb.

This will cause the genitles to poke up. 

A male will be a little volcano shape, a cone with a round opening at the top.

A girl will poke up, but will not be solid up to a round hole, but will have a slit.

Here are some pictures of a male and female bunny at 3 weeks. (As they mature the male will protrude more, and you will be able to see the slit on the female more.)

See A VIDEO below the pictures!


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