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March 2014

Well, the last site was having coding issues with the search engines, so to be more up-to-date, and easier to find, a new website had to be built.  Please be patient as I update and refurbish all of the pages.  All of the same information should still be available.

I have drastically cut back on the Holland Lops and several varieties of the netherland dwarfs to focus more on the champagne netherlands. 

I will try to do  better job at keeping the website updated as well as this page with winnings from the shows we attend.

November 1, 2013

Unfortunately the person that had the COD on the champagne netherland dwarfs failed this year at convention.  Her juniors were overweight.  Since there was no one behind her, I decided to pick up the COD.  I am now the current holder for the Certificate of Development for the champagne netherland dwarfs.  The next step is for the ANDRC member to vote on whether they would like to see the variety in their breed or not.  So long as the majority vote yes, I will have my first presentation in 2016 at the ARBA Convention.  I am planning on attending conventions up to that point bringing champagne netherlands for the public to see, so look for them in the exhibition section at the upcoming ARBA Conventions!

November 2, 2012

I made it back from Convention in Wichita KS, and all the bunnies have settle back in their home setting. 

I was blessed with a great placing of 12 of 196 with my Cream holland junior doe, Bloink's Whistle, who is now living with the Zemny family!  We will miss her but have a full siblings litter in the box right now:)


I bought a black dwarf junior buck named, ironically, Whistle from Mark Jacobs, he placed 7/23.  His littermate REW sister won Best Junior of the Self Group.

I also picked up my starter herd of Champagne netherland dwarfs from Ed Dowczek.  I am very excited to be starting on this variety! I can't thank Ed enough for the great start that he gave me!