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Colorado Netherland Dwarfs For Sale

All rabbits are pedigreed, and what I consider to be breeding and or show stock unless otherwise noted.

Bloink's Nacho
Broken Black
Sire: GC JK Bunny Track's 24K Gibbs - Black -3 legs
Dam: Bloink's Pineapple Express - Broken Black
Nice buck, but too heavy in pattern.  I am keeping a couple of replacements out of him.  He will throw both heavy pattern and good patterns.

Bloink's BCNC2
Black Jr Doe
Sire: Bloink's Nacho Broken Black
Dam: Bloink's Chime - Black

Bloink's BCEG1
Black Otter Jr Buck
Sire: Bloink's Eli -Black
Dam: Simon's Glamour -Black Otter
This little fellow has an OUTSTANDING body.  I wish he had a better head an ear (the are under 2 inches), however it may come late.

Bloink's BCN92
REW Junior Doe
Sire: Bloink's Nacho -Broken Black
Dam: Bella Coniglio's 93 - Black

Grand Champion Bloink's Eli
-3 GC Legs
Sire: GC Roger's Rio   -Broken Black   -6 Legs
Dam: Wren's Stephanie   -Chestnut
Love this little fellow, but I am keeping sons and gransons.  This guy is LITTLE!  He barely weighs in at 2lbs.  He is very upright.  Great buck for your big girls!

Trio of Champagne Netherland Dwarfs:
Very nice mid champagne buck (Bloink's Typhoon) has out produced himself and two junior champagne brood does (the are still changing colors).  They are all fully pedigreed. 
$300 for the trio.