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Why A Rabbit

Here are some reasons why rabbits make a great addition to your Family

Rabbits are a quiet companion.  Bunnies don't make much noise.  You might hear them grunt, make whistling noises, or thump there feet.  These are all very low volume noises though, which won't disturb your neighbors, or room mates.

Rabbits are low maintenance.  Rabbits are very easy to keep healthy and happy.  They make a great child's first pet.  They eat a small amount of peleted feed once per day, and drink out of a bowl, or water bottle.  Rabbits can live comfortably in a hutch or cage, that doesn't have to be too large.  They love simple toys such as toilet paper cardboards, and cat balls.  You can potty train them, or simply change their pans once  a week if outside, maybe a little more if kept indoors.  Rabbits do not require any shots, and do not need to be neutered to be a good pet. 

Teach your children to be gentle.  Let your kids learn how to be gentle.  Let your little boy grow up a man that can be a man, and still be able to be gentle.  Let your little girls grow up to be ladies that can handle things with grace.

Rabbits can bond to you, much like a dog.  Many people think that rabbits don't have personalities, cannot be trained, and won't bond to you like a dog will.  Rabbits do like companionship.  If they do not have another rabbit buddy, they will look to you to be their friend.  I have a rabbits that is a pet to me.  Every time I go into the rabbit barn, he starts running the front of his cage and whistling at me, wanting to be picked up and pet.  People have taken my rabbits home, potty trained them, and let them have the run of the house.  When they come home, the rabbit greats them at the door.  He jumps on the couch to watch television with them, and in bed when they read to their son at night.  The rabbit is clean, and never misses his litter box.